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Sodankylä Lapland Finland

instructions in English

Welcome to buy tickets for the Sodankylä Film Festival

NOTE: If you want to use a series ticket to pay for regular tickets, you must purchase a series ticket first (see section 2).

1. Here's how to buy tickets for film festivals
- Add movies to the cart either on the program map or on the movies page (the movies page shows the movies in alphabetical order and on the program map page you can see them by date, place and time). Add movies to your cart by clicking on the movie name to see the shows and location. The “buy tickets” button takes you to the page where you select the show for which you want to buy a ticket. After selecting the screen, select the number of tickets you want to add to the cart. Add tickets to the basket with the “lisää koriin” (add to basket) -button.
- Go back to the program map and repeat the process.
- After adding the tickets to the shopping cart, you will see the number of tickets in the Shopping Cart at the top of the “KASSA” (checkout) button, go to the checkout by clicking the checkout button. You can remove tickets from the shopping cart, go ahead with the "JATKA" (CONTINUE) button. Create an account (see step 3.)
- The "ostajan tiedot" (Buyer Information) page asks for the buyer’s name and contact information
- click "Jatka" (continue)
- On the “Valitse maksutapa” (Choose a payment method -page, select “Minulla on sarjalippu” (I have a serial ticket) if you have a serial ticket and want to use it to pay for tickets. On the Series Ticket Payment page, enter your serial ticket code, “lue” (read). In the shopping cart, select the tickets one by one that you pay for with a serial ticket, click "Maksa sarjalipulla" (pay with serial ticket). After paying for all the serial tickets, you will receive a receipt and tickets in your email and they will appear on the “account” page.
- Online payment or if the serial ticket is not enough to pay for all the tickets or you have more than normal priced tickets in the shopping cart, pay for the rest of the tickets as an online payment from online finnish bank account or by credit card. After payment, you will receive a receipt and tickets in your email, and the tickets will appear on the "Tili" (Account) page.

- Click on "Sarjaliput" serial tickets -button
- you can buy one ticket at a time
- the price of a series ticket is 100 euros and you can buy 12 tickets for a normal-priced, 10 euro, movie with it.

- Need an account for e-commerce. A serial ticket and movie tickets you purchase will be stored in your account. Therefore, it is important that you make an accurate account and verify that your information is correct. You can create an account in advance or an account will be created for you when you complete your purchase. The “voit luoda tilin etukäteen” you can create an account in advance -link will take you to the account page asking for your first name, last name, address, zip code, location, phone, and email. In addition, you must accept the terms and conditions of data processing in accordance with GDPR law.
- If you place an order without first placing an account, you will receive a link in your email to access your account after the purchase.

4. Account
- Log in to your "tili" account using the link you have received or the IDs you created. On the “omat tiedot ” personal information -page, you can edit your contact information and password. On the Tickets page, you can see the tickets you have purchased. The "sarjalippu" Serial Ticket -page has a serial ticket code that you need when you pay for tickets with a serial ticket at the online store or at the ticket office on site.

a paper-printed ticket works best for ticket verification. You can also display the ticket on your mobile screen by logging in to your account, but we strongly recommend that you print your tickets in advance to make it easier to check your ticket.